Born 1960. Technology Doctor of Physics, 1990, Lund University. 

Professor of Physics at Lund University until 2016. Biophotonics director at Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, since 2016. Post-doc at McMasters University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Received the Erna Ebeling prize, Swedish Association for Medical Technology and Physics, 2003. Firsthand candidate at the appointment of the professor of biomedical physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 1996. Co-author of more than 150 articles in specialised journals. 

Board member of SpectraCure AB (publ). 

Number of shares held privately along with associates and companies: 2, 125, 000 

Number of warrants: 0 

Dependent on the Company’s major shareholders, but independent in relation to the Company and corporate management.